C.R.A.B., Cancer Research Advocate Bikers, was formed in 2004 by a man named Robbie Grimstone and a few mates, after the loss of his Mother to Cancer on McLeay Island in Queensland, they got together to discuss ways they could make a difference in the fight against Cancer.

They enjoyed motorcycles for work and for pleasure so it was decided to combine this with fundrasing.

This strategy proved very succesful and the format has spread to other states. They came up with C.R.A.B, a social club designed for the purpose of raising funds for Cancer Research. Since then thousands of dollars have been donated to the cause. There are several different clubs.

Queensland has the "Muddies"
Brisbane has the "Sandies"
South Australia has the "Blueys"
Victoria has the Mornington Peninsula “Hermits”
We in NSW are the "Kingies”
In Switzerland they have the “Hummers”

ALL branches of C.R.A.B. are none profit organisations and all work is carried out by volunteers.

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